Axis Sport Knee Brace Axis Sport Knee Brace
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Axis Sport Knee Brace


Sorry...this product is no longer available.

Product Description

The Axis Sport knee brace takes one step down from the Axis Pro. The Axis Sport is an aluminum/injection molded brace of the highest caliber. The monocoque aluminum hinge allows for a low profile structure, which results in a very lightweight rigid brace. With a large amount of attention paid to the comfort of this brace, the Axis features an all new fit and will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

  • Reinforced nylon injected upper and lower cuffs
  • Dual Defense total tracking knee cup design, full protection at all times
  • Ultra-lite construction
  • Perfect FormFit Frame
  • Tru-Motion 2.0 anatomically correct hinges. Adjustable hyperextension lock-outs allow personal fitment
  • Thermo fit liner
  • Sold individually or in pairs



  • Strut Compression System: made of reinforced carbon fiber, advanced lateral structural rigidity, offers further peace of mind
  • Dual Defense: total tracking knee cup for full time knee protection, knee cup tracks along a full length guide strap
  • Tru-Motion 2.0: anatomically correct hinges, track natural knee movement and reduces migration, adjustable hyperextension lock-outs
  • ClickTec: quick release buckle system, fully adjustable for easy strap adjustment, adjust once, get in and out fast
  • Perfect FormFit Frame: frame forms to all leg contours, lightweight and impact resistant injection molded shell ComfortDry Liner: Dry-Suede ultra breathable liner keeps you cool and dry, removable/washable for easy maintenance, 3 compression straps ensure a solid secure fit
  • EVS Tru-Motion 2.0: patented EVS Tru-Motion 2.0 hinge TM5+) enables the RS8 PRO to stay suspended on the leg in the intended position during the full range of motion with the natural roll and glide movement that mimics the natural arthokinematics of the knee. If a brace has migrated down the leg and the hinges are not aligned with the medial and lateral condyles of the knee - midline, hyperextension cannot be controlled effectively and injury can occur; the TM5+ hinges and RS8 PRO are designed to reduce the risk of that occurring.